Platinum Dental Marketing

dental marketing specialists for over 30 years

Platinum Dental Marketing

dental marketing specialists for over 30 years

The Platinum Difference

Critical Website Errors that Drive
Prospective New Patients Away

Having worked exclusively with dental practices around the country over the past 30-plus years, what sets us apart is that we don’t just know websites….we know dental practices, and dental patients. We’ve isolated the key points of a website that effectively drive prospective new patients into your practice… and those that can push them away!

Correct the errors – and optimize your website to maximize new patient conversion. 

Error 1: The Wrong Message

What your website “says” makes the difference between a website that motivates patients to call you – and one that doesn’t! Many dental websites say the wrong things in their attempt to attract prospective new patients. We asked 100,000 dental patients what they most want from a dentist and from dentistry. Their top answers are rarely to be found on any dental website!

The Platinum Difference

76% of the 100,000 dental patients we surveyed expressed one interest in common – their primary motivation for going to the dentist.

This is the message you want your website to portray – on your home page, front and center, and headlined!

This is what you want visitors and prospective new patients to see first.

This is the message that will most interest 76% of viewers, and help them in making the decision that your office is the right one for them. 

See the example to left. 76% message – front and center!

Bad Design

Error 2: Poor Design and Layout

Here is an example of an unattractive website design. The colors are jarring. The layout is confusing. The menu and logo are too large. Everything is “in a box”. The main headline attempting to promote the practice – besides being the wrong message – is off to the right and competing with all the other “boxes” to be noticed.

Error 3: Key Information Is Hidden Or Inaccessible

Visitors to your website are looking for key information about your practice that is going to influence their decision making. They want this information quickly and easily available without having to hunt and search through endless pages and large quantities of reading trying to find it.

In the example to the right, big blocks of text have first to be pored through for the visitor to find out, “Is this the right practice for me?” Are people going to want to do this? Not likely. 

Bad design 2

Error 4: Positive Experiences Not Highlighted

A primary factors influencing prospective new patient decision making is positive patient experiences and reviews. Many websites either don’t have enough, don’t have any, or don’t display them in a prominent and accessible manner.

Like the example on the left: A website burying its testimonials and reviews under long menus, making them hard to find, so most visitors never see them!

Error 5: Technical Mistakes and Errors

Many dental websites don’t show up correctly on local listings, maps, or search engines. This can be due to mistakes in spelling, addresses, contact information or other pertinent details. Mistakes on your website reflect negatively on you and your practice, make you look unprofessional, and will drive away patients!

The Platinum Website Difference

A Platinum website is designed for effective online presence and new patient conversion.

By properly addressing all of the above points, your website is tailored to communicate correctly to prospective new patients! 

All-inclusive 100% done-for-you and AFFORDABLE!