Error 4: Positive Experiences Not Highlighted

One of the primary factors influencing prospective new patient decision making are positive patient experiences and reviews. Many websites either don’t have enough, don’t have any, or don’t display them in a prominent and accessible manner.

Reading reviews or at least looking for them and skimming them, is one of the main things that almost every single prospective new patient will do before making a decision to choose your practice. You can have the most beautiful website, say all the right things! But if a patient goes looking for reviews and can’t find them, or worse finds only a bunch of negative reviews, they’re likely to look elsewhere.

That isn’t to say you must have 10,000 good reviews, or that a few bad reviews can ruin your practice… But if your website isn’t properly highlighting the good reviews and making them readily available, prospective new patients can end up hunting down bad reviews or thinking you have none at all!

Don’t hide your reviews at the bottom of a long menu with multiple other buttons, most dentists are wonderful and have a number of happy patients, why make it difficult for people to see that?

The Platinum Difference

New patients love seeing and reading positive experiences from other patients. We’re confident you’re a great dentist, and you probably have a great practice! 

We’ll ensure prospective new patients and website visitors know this too by highlighting them properly and making it easy for all to see!

On top of that, we provide all our clients with best practices and strategies to increase positive patient reviews and fill them up if you’re currently lacking.